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Greetings From The MCCA President

Welcome to the Missouri Cheerleading Coaches Association!

I  am truly proud to serve as President of such a great organization.  We've come a long way since being founded in 1986!

Working together, sharing thoughts, culminating a unique friendship that only cheerleading coaches can, will help to make us strong and accomplish our goals.  MCCA is dedicated to the service and education of youth and coaches in our state, with our membership over three hundred strong!

We encourage you to join!  We offer many educational opportunities throughout the year. 

Again, welcome to the world of the Missouri Cheerleading Coaches Association!


Cheers to YOU,
Suzy Thompson
President of MCCA



The role of a cheerleading squad is to be a support group for the school's interscholastic athletic program.  The squad should strive to (1) boost school spirit, (2) promote good sportsmanship, and (3) develop positive crowd involvement.


Practicing good sportsmanship should be the goal of each cheerleader and coach.  All cheer coaches should be role models for their cheerleaders, especially during competitions.


Cheerleading competitions should be considered as a secondary part of a school's cheerleading program.  Cheerleading competition aids in developing leadership, confidence and skill; however, it needs to be placed in perspective with the total educational program.


Membership on a cheerleading squad provides an opportunity to (1) improve physical skills and develop exercise habits which promote good health, (2) create strong and lasting friendships, (3) develop skills in working with others, and (4) maintain high standards of citizenship.

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