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MCCA Awards and Recognitions  

Award nominations are due by February 15 each year. Submissions for nominations are done online through the links below. 

Coaches Service Award

Beginning with the Fall of 1991. MCCA began presenting awards to cheerleading coaches for the longevity of service. The presentation will be made at the Spring Convention in March. 

Community Service Award

Member MCCA coach may nominate their squad for the Community Service Award. This is a team award honoring those who are making significant contributions to their community through their time, actions, talents and dedication. 

Sportsmanship Award

This award is to recognize a cheer team who displays sportsmanship and integrity. Integrity is having the inner strength to be fair and courteous during athletic events, to act positively and honorably to the officials and your opponent.


of the Year

Do you have an administrator who goes above and beyond for your program? Do they positively contribute to the world of cheer? Nominate him/her for the MCCA Administrator of the Year Award!

Past Award Recipients

See individual past awards pages

Scholarship Application

MCCA is proud to offer $14,000  in scholarships to graduating cheerleaders each year.  Ten $1000 scholarships, one $2000 scholarship and one $2000 Suzy Thompson Scholarship are awarded



MCCA considers academics to be of upmost importance. We are excited to recognize students who demonstrate academic excellence. 



Coaches from each division may nominate athletes in the categories of Jumps, Tumbling,Backspot,Base or Flyer.  

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