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Who is covered:  This plan is specifically designed to provide accident insurance protection for all members of Missouri Competitive Cheerleading teams.  Coverage extends to competitive team cheerleaders while they are practicing for and competing in competitive cheerleading events sponsored by and under the direct supervision of the team sponsor.  Coverage also extends to competitive cheerleader team members while traveling as a group directly and uninterruptedly to and from a group sponsored team competition while being transported by a licensed adult driver over 21 years of age.  This plan does not provide coverage during ‘Sideline Cheerleader’ practices or while cheering during interscholastic sports.


This is a group policy.  Therefore, all Competitive Cheerleaders on a team must be covered by the plan.  The minimum premium requirement to activate the policy is $175.00 per team.
Maximum Medical Benefit                                            $ 250,000.00
(payable per covered student injury)
Policy Deductible                                                          NO DEDUCTIBLE
Accidental Death Benefit                                              $  30,000.00
(payable per death)
GROUP RATES (Missouri only)
                             Coverage for 12 months                              Coverage for 9 months
Grades 7—9                  $10.50/Cheerleader                                      $7.88/Cheerleader
Grades 10—12              $11.20/Cheerleader                                      $8.40/Cheerleader
For additional information please contact:
Lawrence E. Smith & Associates, Inc.
Office Phone: 800-325-1350 

Please consult your school's finance manager and administrator before selecting a policy.  
MCCA does not receive any financial consideration with regard to the sale of these optional programs. This information is provided to you as a service to our members

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