An MCCA membership costs $25 and is for one year from June 1 to June 1.  Individuals may join anytime during that period.  Click the icon to become a member.


MCCA is a professional coaches organization.  We strive to assist coaches of academic school teams to develop safe and dynamic programs. 

Being a member of MCCA, an individual may learn the latest in safety, stunting, community and school spirit, and how to develop and manage an effective team.  MCCA, working closely with national cheerleading associations, promotes a proactive mindset in the development of competitive cheer teams and sideline teams. 

MCCA encourages all cheer coaches throughout the state to join the organization to make cheerleading a positive athletic entity in the schools and the state.


  • To compete in MCCA competitions such as Regionals and State.

  • To vote (Must be a member by January 1st). 

  • Have seniors eligible for scholarship consideration (must be a member by January 1st) 

  • To have access to restricted areas of the website 

  • To receive the quarterly newsletter



A privilege MCCA members have is to make proposals regarding, the constitution, by-laws, and activities of the organization. Proposals may be made from January 1 to December 1 each year. 

Once submitted, the proposals are sent to the appropriate committee for consideration and acceptance. If accepted, proposals are sent to the MCCA Executive Board for further consideration. If the Executive Board agrees to a proposal, it is then sent to the membership for amending and consideration. All amendments to a proposal must be submitted by March 1.   At the annual conference, members vote on each proposal approved for consideration, as well all related amendments.