Proposal Update 2018

ALL of the proposals passed at our coaches conference held in March 2018.

There are a lot of changes ahead for the MCCA competitions!


Proposal #1: 
In the Coed division, ADD a majority requirement to the stunt score section.


Proposal #2:
Change the structure of the State Competition to consist of Fall prelims with the final State Competition to follow soon after.


Proposal #3:
Change the way baskets and stunts are judged at the competition. They should be judged separately, not together.


Proposal #4:
Whenever there are more than 15 schools registered for Coed small, Coed Large, or 
Superlarge, the division will split in two, creating small and large divisions.


Proposal #5:
Single based skills difficulty should be adjusted. We propose that all single base extended skills be awarded minimum difficulty of 4 points.


Proposal #6:
Add a Timeout Cheer Division at State. Anyone may compete in this division, a normal cheer division, or both, and will be presented and ranked Award of Excellence places 1 through 5.


Proposal #7:
In order to obtain a max difficulty (5points) in stunting it requires that majority of stunts do not have front spots.


MARCH 22-24, 2019