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About Us

The Missouri Cheerleading Coaches Association began in 1987 and is the professional organization for Missouri's cheerleading coaches.  Even though we concentrate on the junior high and high school cheerleading programs, we invite cheerleading coaches who are or have been involved at any educational level to join the organization.


MCCA is a non-profit organization that strives to create positive game day and competition experiences for the cheerleaders in the state of Missouri. The organization is maintained by its current members and is devoted to moving Missouri in the best possible direction for the future of cheerleading.  

MCCA holds coaches to high standards to introduce and maintain the safety of their cheerleading squad. The organization adheres to the NFHS safety rules and works closely with MSHSSA to ensure cheerleading in schools continues to promote high standards of performance for all cheer teams. 


Coaches from around the state have the opportunity to create a support network with fellow coaches, amend the current constitution and competition rules or scores by attending the annual Coaches Conference, and provide their cheerleaders with opportunities to last a lifetime, such as the All-State Cheer Team and scholarship opportunities in the state of Missouri. 

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